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I am a FAA Part 61 licensed commercial pilot with 31 years experience in commercial aviation. I started building custom UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) autonomous, radio-controlled helicopters for agricultural, forestry and mining survey due to demand from professional pilots for high-performance VTOL UAV's. I specialize in building only unmanned autonomous helicopters on Synergy frames, which have a lot of advantages over the popular multi-rotor "drones" and less popular fixed-wing platforms. Due to their very nature, unmanned helicopters attract more experienced and demanding pilots that need a high-performance, high-speed, long flight time VTOL platform for their work.

I also provide RC helicopter flight instruction for new pilots, including flight planning procedures using the ArduPilot software suite. I am a CFII as well, and teach classes for preparation for the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate exam for commercial US pilots of UAV helicopters.

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a commercial pilot than to own your own helicopter. I do aerial crop scouting imagery, as well as aerial surveys on watersheds, crop insurance claims, LIDAR mapping of open pit mines, etc. Contact me for info.









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